Electromagnetic Waves Diagnosis

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Live in a healthy environment
by reducing your exposure to EM waves


What if the electromagnetic waves were the cause of your illness?

Many people live with daily discomfort. 

These health problems can have many origins, including exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Patients who do not make the connection between exposure to electromagnetic waves and their symptoms worsening often can't find any medical help.

Eliminate the possibility that electromagnetic waves are the cause or worsening of your symptoms: a diagnosis will locate the sources of emissions and find solutions to reduce your exposure as much as possible.

antennes ondes

The power of 5G

Les principales inquiétudes sur le généralisation de la 5G viennent de la multiplication des antennes relais et de l’augmentation de leur puissance d’émission ( supérieure aux antennes 2G 3G et 4G réunis ).

La 5G utilisent une nouvelle bande de très hautes fréquences ( 26-28GHz ).

Ces très hautes fréquences traversent difficilement les obstacles. C’est pourquoi de plus en plus d’antennes seront installées au plus près de votre habitation et de votre environnement quotidien.

A la maison
En voiture
Au travail à l'extérieur
Au bureau

Electromagnetic waves inside your daily life

At home

At your home, you think you are safe and live in a healthy environment


In your car, you think you are far from any source of wave emission

At work

At your workplace, you think you are not exposed


We will set up an appointment at a date and time suitable for you


Measurements will be made with professional equipment in order to get the most reliable results


The measurements will be processed according to your environment to identify the sources of electromagnetic waves and their intensity


We will offer you several clear and effective solutions in accordance with your environment and your budget