You regularly suffer from:

- headcache
- memory loss
- chronic fatigue
- lack of concentration
- sleeping problems, insomia
- chronic tendinits
- sciatic, back pain
- chronic inflammation
- digestive disturbances
- burning sensations
- numbing

We live in an over-connected world...

Our body is subject to large amounts of electromagnetic waves all day long: at work, in transportation and at home ...

When the body can no longer endure all these attacks, diseases appear ...

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Everybody is concerned concernés



A votre domicile, l’exposition aux ondes est sûrement beaucoup plus élevée que vous ne l’imaginez, les plus jeunes étant les plus fragiles.

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You daily work with equipment that probably emits strong waves.

Places to have a break must be places with low wave emissions.

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There are solutions

A diagnosis will allow you to locate the source (s) of electromagnetic wave emissions.

We will offer you solutions adapted to your budget in order to reduce your exposure to waves as much as possible.

Nous vous fournirons également de nombreux conseils personnalisés simples à appliquer.