Reduce by 80% your exposure to electromagnetic waves

Only on-site measurements will allow the implementation of truly effective solutions

Whether or not electromagnetic waves are the source of your health problems, a diagnostic will allow you to be sure of ti or to remove this possibility.
Accurate measurements of your environment made with professional equipment
Experience and knowledge allow a global analysis of your situation
Efficient solutions tailored to your needs
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The 3 steps to move the situation forward


"I decided to take steps in order to remove the possibility that the waves were the source of my problem, so I asked for a diagnostic ..."


"The diagnostic was made thoroughfully, we feel that Bastien is an expert in his field and this is very reassurin ..."


"I learned a lot about the actions to undertake on a daily basis. Bastien offered me several easy-to-implement solutions"

Ondes Solutions utilise uniquement des appareils de mesures professionnels pour garantir des mesures fiables.

NFA 1000 Gigahertz Solutions
Equipement for measurements between 5 Hz to 1 MHz used for low fequencies especially the electric network 50Hz
High voltage line
The NFA 1000 will be able to measure electric and magnetic fields emitted by an underground or aerial voltage line
50Hz electrical network
Electric field and magnetic field measurement
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HF 59B & HFW 59D Gigahertz Solutions
Equipment used to measure high frequencies such as radio FM, WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, radars, mobil phone etc...
Mobile phone antenna site
Measurements will allow us to locate and estimate your exposure to mobile phone waves
Measurements on a roof terrace
When a relay-antenna site is identified, measurements have to be undertaken
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