5G from Switzerland applies also to France

5G: faster and faster, more and more efficient, and more and more risky for your health?

5G Smartphone

It is equipped with an antenna that can have a power up to 20W, which is 10 times bigger than a 3G / 4G antenna 10 fois supérieure à une antenne 3G/4G

Additional frequencies

5G is not just replacing current frequencies. New frequencies will be used, which means even more electromagnetic wave pollution. davantage de pollution aux ondes électromagnétiques.

Enpansion of numerous "Small cells"

These "small antennas" will be installed in large numbers, emitting very high frequencies of 26Ghz grand nombre, émettant des fréquences très élevées de 26Ghz

antennes ondes

A site includes several antennas for each mobile phone operator

In France

The first April 2021 theANFR has authorized a total of 56,864 mobile network sites, all generations 2/3/4/5G

Site 5G

The first April 2021 22 857 sites of 5G has been authorized by theANFR .

Measuring the 5G
ondes 5G

There is only one way to be sure of the impact of 5G on your home: on-site measurements Any questions?

Questions ?